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EOD/IEDD Manual Approach Techniques Capability

Manual techniques are the most advanced improvised device disposal proficiencies, which enable experienced and specially trained operators to access, diagnose, and manually dispose of hazardous material.

These tactics, techniques and procedures need to be applied where the use of remote or semi remote procedures such as robots or hook and line are not possible. Manual improvised explosive devices’ neutralisation capabilities are always the last resort.

An EOD operator can do many jobs that a robot cannot do or is unable to do well such as cutting power supply or detonator and searching for signs of Victim Operated IED triggers.

An EOD operator can also assess the threat \and technical make up of a device.

The goal is to separate the power supply from the device and then separate the detonator and store it safely.

Follow any obvious links from the device to other devices or trigger systems. Sometimes to determine the direction of command wires.

There could be several reasons including lack of robot access or suspected Victim Operated devices mean a manual approach must be taken.

The Operator must assess the best access route with a preference given to any route already cleared by previous search or clearance activities.

During an approach, the operator will use visual clues and ground signs to avoid any possible Victim Operated IED triggers.

The Operator will be trying to assess how the device is placed and whether it has any links to other objects such as PSU or command system.

The Operator may use an X ray system to inspect device. Once the device has been investigated by non contact measures such as X ray and visual inspection the operator will decide on the best Deploy remote ECM and other EOD equipment (mule)

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