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EOD/IEDD Remote Capability

NIC Instruments follows the UK Philosophy that Preservation of life is the paramount prerequisite in any task and as such the use of robotics to maintain the distance between an operator and an hazardous task must always be the first choice.

The UK started using EOD robots in the mid 1970s as a result of a high attrition rate of EOD operators in Northern Ireland during the period 1971-1972. Since then the doctrinal approach has evolved to a point where manual approach is considered the last resort.

Robots for EOD are essentially surveillance and weapon delivery systems. It can also be used to remotlely deploy tools such as ECM, X Ray Systems and CBRNe sensors.

The ZEUS Modular unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) or robot has been designed to carry out dangerous tasks by remote means and at a safe distance. This could also mean that the path to an hazardous task is dangerous for personnel, not just the task itself.

ZEUS is able to carry a wide range of EOD tools, such as water barrelled disruptors, charges, X Ray systems and sensors.

Operating at up to 500m (longer in specific terrains), operators can maintain a significant distance between themselves and the task. Using the latest in radio systems, ZEUS can even operate in urban built up areas where traditionally radios would not function effectively. Of course, fibre optic tether control exists for areas where radios are inappropriate.

Long mission durations, typically up to 4 hours are achieved by using the very latest in battery chemistry technology and ZEUS has the added advantage it uses the same off the shelf battery for both the robot and the controller.

The ability to travel over a wide range of terrains including rocky ground and climbing stairs, and operate in a wide range of environments from cold to hot, heavy rain to intense sun means very few areas cannot be reached remotely by ZEUS.

Gaining access remotely is achieved with ZEUS’ dextrous arm and gripper that can open doors, move objects out of the way and examine areas carefully with precise control.

Remote render safe procedures can be carried out with ZEUS which can hold every available recoilless water barrelled disruptor currently on the market and initiation is trigger by an approved firing system whether on radio or tether control. After the render safe procedure has been carried out, on board cameras can view the task to ensure the device is safe.

Remote sensing is also possible as ZEUS has the ability to accept a wide range of sensors that can transmit their readings and data back to the controller in real time.

ZEUS Modular UGV
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