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EOD/IEDD Semi Remote Capability

NIC Instruments follows the UK Philosophy that Preservation of life is the paramount prerequisite in any task and as such the use of robotics to maintain the distance between an operator and an hazardous task must always be the first choice.

However, sometimes it simply isn’t possible to use a robot, or a robot isn’t available. That is when a semi remote technique must be used such as hook and line.

Semi remote means that the operator must enter the hazardous zone, but when the task (positive action) is performed (such as a pull in hook and line) the operator is in a safe area. By carrying out the positive action remotely, the safety of the operator is maintained.

Hook and line is a rope rigging system, the main element of which is a high strength low stretch rope, which is routed to an object that needs to be moved via various pulleys, anchor points and attachment tools. When the operator returns to the control point, the line is pulled and the object is moved in a planned and controlled manner. Hook and line’s primary role is to move, pull, lift and extract. Hook and line can also be used to retrieve suspect devices from obscure locations such as man holes and culverts or even move vehicles.

While technical equipment supporting EOD/IEDD operations is likely to vary significantly between tasks, it is almost certain that hook and line techniques will be required to some degree. Hook and line can be used for a variety of EOD actions such as gaining access to vehicles and buildings (e,g opening doors) and gaining access to a suspect device, move objects to mitigate secondary hazards (e.g. anti-lift devices), to move components away from property prior to destruction, or as a supporting component of another technique (e.g. non-explosive wire cutting using a J-knife).

Typically suspect devices should not be moved but rendered safe where they are. However, when hook and line is used to move a suspect device, the goal is that the pull tumbles the object through all of its planes to ensure any triggering devices have activated.

Hook and line tools such as pulleys and anchor points can also be used to route firing cable for disruptors as the operator moves towards the suspect device. This avoids the firing cable becoming snagged or moving into uncleared areas.

NIC Instruments has been designing and manufacturing hook and line since the 1970s and is accredited with developing the first systems used by the British Army in Northern Ireland. Working closely with British Bomb Disposal teams as well as many other countries around the world, hook and line has been developed to carry out a much wider range of tasks quickly and efficiency.

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