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ZEUS, The Ultimate Modular Robot

ZEUS is a lightweight, highly modular and robust robot or Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) designed for teams that must carry out remote activities.

By increasing the distance between operators and equipment carrying out dangerous tasks, high levels of safety can be achieved.

ZEUS is able to perform a wide range of remote tasks from Search, EOD, CBRNe and nuclear, integrating all your tools to carry out your tasks effectively.

Its modular design allows you to configure the robot in field and carry out maintenance tasks quickly and easily keeping your robot availability to a maximum.

The 3 section articulated arm has tremendous dexterity allowing you to gain access to the most awkward places and deploy a range of tool such as disruptors, X ray systems or sensors.

ZEUS utilises a standard off the shelf battery in both the robot and control unit, reducing your battery inventory and typically can last up to 4 hours on mission.

Using an intuitive touch screen control unit, no language barriers exist, and the robot operation is quick to learn.

On screen Avatar shows in real time the robot configuration and the preset configurations speed up tasks.

Capable of accepting a wide range of disruptors and sensors, ZEUS is ready to support you in your safe keeping duties.

ZEUS EOD & CBRNe UGV, Introduction

Introducing ZEUS
The Ultimate Modular C-IED and EOD Robot for EOD, C-IED, CBRNe and Nuclear applications.

Robot Modularity

The three benefits of modularity


Transportation and Deployment

You need to deploy quickly and in small vehicles. You don’t want special dedicated vehicles, and from your Incident Control Point (ICP) you want your robot moving as quickly as possible to the threat area.


Terrain Capability

No area must be inaccessible to your robot. ZEUS is able to tackle a wide range of terrains, both indoors (such as commercial, domestic and public buildings) and outdoors. Transport links such as buses, trains and aeroplanes present no problems.


Reach and Dexterity Capability

To search and render safe IEDs, you need to be able to reach up high, stretch out in front, behind and to the side. Devices could be in any orientation and you need to be able to aim disruptors easily at them, regardless of their location. Suspect devices could even be below you, hidden in culverts or under bridges.


Surveillance Capability

You need to have good situational awareness whilst driving, being able to see the surrounding environment, planning your route through the terrain, avoiding areas that could present a hazard to your mission and overcoming whatever is in ZEUS’ path.


Communication Capability

The ability to control robots in different terrains including urban is crucial to the success of any mission. ZEUS has a number of tools to ensure success. Typically, you will want to work at 100-500m.


Power Capability

Mission duration is a critical factor and ZEUS’ 2-4 hour mission duration delivers. You need to be confident that the battery will survive the mission and give you sufficient feedback to replace or recharge batteries before it is too late. A robot stuck in an uncleared area gives 2 problems. Loss of remote capability and also having to send an operator to retrieve it.


Extending Capability

A robot should not just be a surveillance platform, but be able to deliver a wide range of other capabilities such as render safe tools or CBRNe techniques. ZEUS has the strength and ability to carry a considerable range of additional payload tools.


Climatic Environmental Capability

It is unknown where a suspect device could be, so you need to be ready for all scenarios. It may be necessary to work in dark, light, wet, dry, hot, cold and dusty conditions.


Mechanical Environmental Capability

Rough handling, vibration, being dropped and tipping over are all potential hazards to your robot and you need to ensure that none of these ‘mechanical environments’ will damage your robot or stop your mission from being successful.


Electromagnetic Capability

You cannot risk interference between electrical equipment and your robot. You need your robot to have high levels of immunity from other electrical equipment noise, and to have low levels of electrical emissions.



The very best equipment, as designed and produced by NIC Instruments, will always achieve the desired result as all applications are vigorously tested. To ensure that all equipment is used correctly and works consistently, NIC Instruments provides comprehensive training to ensure success when using your equipment on live tasks.


Full Life Support

Not only do you need a system that is robust and reliable with a high level of availability during use, but you need a system that can be supported when things do go wrong. And you need to know that the support will last for the lifetime of your robot.


Custom Design

Great ideas will always remain great ideas unless someone can articulate them into reality. And so it is with the EOD/CBRNe community as well as any other. Your ideas, thoughts, plans and processes need translating into the tools to do the job, and this is where NIC Instruments’ true strength lies.



Safety is paramount for your operators and has been considered at all stages of ZEUS’ design.

Careful analysis of potential risks to operators have been analysed and reduced to a minimum.


General Information

General information and background about ZEUS, and NIC Instruments LTD.

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