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Humanitarian Demining

There are two types of demining: military and humanitarian. Military mine clearance is the process undertaken by soldiers to clear a safe path so they can advance during conflict. In this case, mines are only cleared if they block strategic pathways required in the advance or retreat of soldiers at war. Humanitarian demining is very different. It aims to clear land so that civilians can return to their homes and their everyday routines without the threat of explosive hazards. The aim of humanitarian demining is to restore peace and security at the community level.

The United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS) has 5 core components of mine action, which together are often deferred to as ‘demining’

  1.     Clearance of Mines: The removal and making safe of unexploded ordnance.
  2.     Mine Risk Education: Educating people to understand mines and to adopt practises to reduce the risk of injury
  3.     Victim Assistance: Care and rehabilitation of those affected by ordnance
  4.     Advocacy: Supporting programs to reduce the use of land mines. Especially in civilian areas.
  5.     Stock Pile Destruction: Destruction of unexploded ordnance left after conflict.

NIC Instruments offer a range of products to assist in Mine Clearance and Stock Pile Destruction.

For clearance operations, we offer a range of hook and line systems, which the Epsilon HL007400 is the most well suited. This is a basic hook and line kit, that meets the requirements of most demining teams. We also offer a range of trios which assist in lifting ordnance out of the ground. We also offer a Demining EOD Tool Kit EOD009989, which has a range of vegetation clearance tools, protective equipment and investigation tools.

For stock pile destruction we offer a number of firing systems that comply with the Ottawa Treaty. Please contact us for more details. We also offer a demolition kit EOD009990 for the safe carrying of all equipment necessary for activating a detonator, fuse or a disruptor/de-armer to destroy unexploded ordnance.

Hook & Line Equipment
Demining/EOD Tool Kits
Demolition Kit

Demining EOD Tool Kit EOD009989

  • Designed for teams carrying out demining activities.
  • Contains investigation tools such as prodder, trip wire feeler and brushes.
  • Contains vegetation clearing tools such as secateurs, bow saws and shears.
  • Contains basic protection gear such as knee pads and gloves
  • Supplied in a fabric bag.
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Epsilon Hook & Line Kit HL007400

  • This kit is the basic, standard hook and line kit.
  • It has all the essential tools to carry out complete basic hook and line procedures.
  • Supplied in a rigid carrying case.
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Standard Hook & Line Kit 1st Generation SE001900

  • The original Hook & Line kit, and still widely used throughout the world.
  • The Standard 1st Generation offers a minimum capability to carry out basic Hook & Line procedures.
  • Supplied in a rigid carrying case.
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This small kit contains all the essential tools to extract from a minefield should you find yourself caught within one unexpectedly.

The Vehicle Mounted Mine Extraction Kit is a larger version of the Personal Mine Extraction Kit, used for extraction from vehicles.

A lightweight man portable mine prodder used to locate anti-personnel mines up to a depth of 250mm.


Mine Marking Kit EOD001000

  • The NIC Lightweight Mine Marking Kit is a light weight – portable kit.
  • This kit contains the necessary equipment for marking out potential hazards and hazardous areas.
  • The kit includes Stakes, Extensions, Light Stick holders, clips and flags.
  • The unit comes in a Cordura storage bag, complete with shoulder strap.
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