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Surveillance Capability

  • You need to have good situational awareness whilst driving, being able to see the surrounding environment, planning your route through the terrain, avoiding areas that could present a hazard to your mission and overcoming whatever is in ZEUS’ path.
  • Search for command wires, trip wires and signs of wire concealment to locate suspect devices before deciding and applying the correct render safe procedure.
  • Read text on suspect objects, especially in a CBRNe procedure when identifying for example chemicals. ZEUS’ camera resolution allows recognition of such items at a safe distance, without risking disturbing the area or object under surveillance.
  • Part of your search procedure may require looking through glass such as on vehicles, and also to see and position correctly your chosen choice of render safe tool both before and after the render safe procedure has been carried out.
  • ZEUS has 5 cameras, including forward and rear drive, a pan tilt, a gripper camera and a 5th ‘nomad’ can be fitted to various locations on the platform, such as on disruptors or to view sensor display.
  • All cameras are wide angle to convey good situational awareness, and have the ability to be zoomed as well.

ZEUS EOD & CBRNe UGV, Surveillance Capability

  • If you are working in low light such as under vehicles or furniture, then ZEUS’ low light capability cameras will aid you here.
  • If the area is very dark, the integrated, variable brightness LED lights will easily flood the required area with sufficient white light, and if you don’t want bright lights, you have Infra-Red capability built in as well.
  • When aiming barrelled disruptors you will need to be able to judge distances accurately for maximum disruptive effect, and ZEUS’ laser aiming system viewed through the cameras will allow this.
  • Even aiming stand-off disruptors up to 30m away using cameras and no lasers is possible with ZEUS’ unique and patented camera stand-off aiming system.
  • Afterwards, you will need to be able to see the results and confirm disablement of the device, including identifying components of the device such as wires, detonators and switches.
  • If you need to record video or take pictures of the camera views, e.g. for evidence collection, ZEUS has the ability to do that for all cameras and you can even have various picture in picture setups so multiple cameras can be viewed at the same time.
  • The control station even has the ability to accept an external monitor, which allows a bigger viewing area or the ability for other team members to view progress of the task in hand.
  • Video streams can also be passed out via the control unit’s data port to central Command and Control systems.
  • If you damage a camera and need to replace it, the modular design of ZEUS allows you to do that yourself in the field.
  • All cameras are on a quick release system and can be swapped over in less than 30 seconds without the use of a technician. This keeps ZEUS up and running with the minimum of fuss.
  • ZEUS uses a universal camera design, so that front, rear and nomad are the same design and totally interchangeable. This reduces spares inventory and allows for quick field repairs.
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