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Post Blast Forensics

In the counterinsurgency environment, it is not always possible to strike the insurgent in the open.  In fact, the enemy is usually elusive and frustrating.  Today’s  soldiers have not only become ambassadors they have had to become detectives down to the lowest level to defeat the enemy.  In order to gain information dominance over the enemy, Soldiers must be able to quickly identify and separate enemy from innocents while on the objective and gather intelligence and evidence effectively to support both the intelligence system and the host nation legal process.

  • Gain Information Dominance Over The Enemy
  • Proper Tactical Site Exploitation (TSE) or Weapons Technical Intelligence (WTI) fuels the intelligence-operations cycle and may quickly answer the commander’s critical information requirements and assist in the criminal prosecution of detainees.
  • If done correctly and patiently Tactical Site Exploitation (TSE) or Weapons Technical Intelligence (WTI) focuses units on operations that have a higher chance of follow-on success and thus serve as a force multiplier.
  • These kits allow investigators to record evidence such as recognition of component parts of a device, blast effects, collect data  and gather other forensic data.
  • In addition to the standard  kits offered, NIC Instruments is able to advise and assemble bespoke kits for customers specific needs. Contact us for more information.
Forensics Kits
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