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Backpack Carrying System

The NIC Instruments Modular backpack has been designed for EOD and high threat search teams that need to deploy on foot or dismounted.

It can be configured to suit a wide variety of uses.

This backpack system integrates fully with The NIC Instruments’ range of Hook & Line equipment, and can be selected to store and carry any of the standard equipment ranges, or used as a base to configure a bespoke Hook & Line solution.

Backpack Carrying System

  • The core of the system is a front loading main backpack.
  • This accepts a range of small equipment pouches in which equipment may be stored in an organised fashion. The equipment pouches are removable and can be moved between rigid cases, the main backpack & side pouches.
  • 2 styles of side pouch, which attach to the main pack, are also available.
    1. The front loading side pouch opens in a similar manner to a toolbox, and has various methods to secure tools & additional equipment pouches.
    2. The top loading side pouch is a simpler design, and is used for carrying bulky equipment or lengths of line.
  • On the front of the main backpack is a strap which may be used to secure the rope held on the reel. This assists in transportation and storing the equipment securely together. It is also possible to use the backpack, with the reel of rope attached.
  • The rope may be removed from the reel and stored correctly in the top loading side pouch. When stored and deployed correctly in this manner, the rope will not tangle.
  • The side pouches can be used as individual backpacks on their own or joined together and form a twin side pouch backpack.

The backpack system may be used in the following configurations:

  • Main backpack used on its own.
  • Main backpack used with side pouches attached to increase carrying capacity.
  • Twin side pouches (either style) used with the yoke, as a smaller backpack.
  • Single side pouch (either style) used with the yoke, as the smallest size backpack.
  • Front loading side pouch used on its own, as a hand carry type tool holder. This pouch has 2 fabric handles on the top, which may be used to hand carry the pouch. It also has a shoulder strap for carrying over the shoulder.
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