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Mechanical Environmental Capability

Rough handling, vibration, being dropped and tipping over are all potential hazards to your robot and you need to ensure that none of these ‘mechanical environments’ will damage it or stop your mission from being successful.

It isn’t only during operations that these factors can have an effect. Transportation, for example in an EOD response vehicle over rough roads and terrain, can also cause vibration and shock loads to the robot, and these have also been taken into account during the design of ZEUS.

Vibration & Shock

But how can you be reassured that a robot can withstand these forces? ZEUS is designed to be used in these demanding environments, and special consideration has been given to these factors.

Test setup for vibration resistance to EN 60068

ZEUS has been tested to EN 60068 by an independent test house to ensure it meets the requirements of police and military customers, ensuring it will function correctly in the environments that you need to operate.

Test setup for shock resistance to EN 60068

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