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Reach & Dexterity Capability

  • To search and render safe IEDs, you need to be able to reach up high, stretch out in front, behind and to the side.
  • Devices could be in any orientation and you need to be able to aim disruptors easily at them, regardless of their location. They could even be below you, hidden in culverts or under bridges.
  • With ZEUS’ long 3 section arm you have a solution for a long reach, that still maintains dexterity.
  • Extending or telescoping arms on robots are good for reach, but they lack the dexterity to gain access to difficult areas such as the foot well or boot of an automobile.
  • The long reach even allows low vehicles to be searched underneath from the opposite side.
  • ZEUS’ 3 section arm gives you the reach and dexterity to get into these tough places.
  • This dexterity allows the arm to reach below ZEUS as well, so searching culverts, under bridges, ditches, or even digging into soft ground is easy.
  • Tasks such as opening vehicle or building doors, boots of vehicles and gripping small objects requires precise control, and ZEUS delivers this.

ZEUS EOD & CBRNe UGV, Reach and Dexterity Capability

  • The gripper or claw can hold small tools and allows for the separation of the components of a suspect device after disruption.
  • Examination with the through gripper camera permits confirmation the disruption has been successful.
  • The ability to position a disruptor correctly to enable maximum disruptive effect (for example corner to corner on a bag) and within 2cm of a suspect device, is easily achieved.
  • Complex arm movements are easily achieved with ZEUS’ pre-set moves. The operator can select a number of pre-programmed moves such as fully extended & the arm will move automatically.
  • There is even the option for you to save your own pre-set moves, and different operators can have their own saved selection by using the control unit login function.
  • An on-screen graphic simulates the selected move before execution so you can verify the arm and gripper are going to do what you have planned and will not collide with obstacles.
  • Even if you do not use the pre-set functions, the robot real time graphic on the control unit screen constantly updates to show you the current configuration of the arm, so you know exactly where it is.
  • Many robots lose the gripper functionality when a disruptor is placed at the end of the arm, but ZEUS’ unique method of disruptor mounting means you can maintain full use of your gripper during a mission while a disruptor is mounted.
  • But reach and dexterity don’t work on their own, you need the ability to lift charges, deploy EOD tools such as barrelled disruptors, move and drag items such as furniture out of your path for investigation and recover main charges from the ground or vehicles.
  • ZEUS’ strong arm gives you the capability to lift up to 15kg.
  • Even with all this strength and dexterity, you need to remain small, and not lose your ability to take your robot into a confined space.
  • ZEUS’ arm folds down within its own footprint, so you can still maintain high manoeuvrability.
  • To reduce the risk of tipping over, ZEUS’ strong but light arm design, utilising materials such as aluminium and titanium ensure the centre of gravity remains low.
  • Long reach may not be your requirement. You may simply want to place charges at ground level, or have a more basic shorter arm.
  • Long arms add weight and are more complex to operate. ZEUS’ modular design delivers again. A 2 section arm or 1 section arm is available, giving you the level of capability you require but without the disadvantages and higher cost and weight of a longer arm.
  • ZEUS’ arm is on a quick release and can be changed in less than 60 seconds.
  • ZEUS does not even need an arm to operate. With the arm removed it becomes a simple reconnaissance platform able to report back images from the target area and to deliver 3rd party tools such as CBRNe sensors to the area under investigation.
  • If you need to carry out in-field repairs to the arm or gripper, the modularity of ZEUS allows you to do that with the quick releases.
  • These modular units can be quickly detached replaced by an operator in a number of minutes.
  • This ensures ZEUS can stay on mission, and not need highly trained technicians to maintain your fleet of robots.
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