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Terrain Capability

No area must be inaccessible to your robot and ZEUS is able to tackle a wide range of terrains, both indoors (such as commercial, domestic and public buildings) and outdoors.

  • Transport links such as buses, trains and aeroplanes present no problems due to ZEUS narrow width and variable length.
  • Stairs and slopes (including lateral) present no problem to ZEUS, utilising the front and rear articulating track modules (ATM). Not only do they improve obstacle and stair climbing, but they allow you to descend stairs in a more controlled manner than any other robot.
  • Most robots simply drive over the top of stairs until they ‘tip’ downwards, but ZEUS is able to use its articulating track modules to change its centre of gravity giving a controlled descent.
  • Stability on stairs is also crucial if you are carrying live weapons or expensive CBRNe sensors.
  • The ability to change the length of ZEUS by extending the articulating track modules makes it incredibly stable when on stairs.
  • ZEUS’ unique track design allows it to ‘lift’ itself upstairs and over obstacles as opposed to traditional tracked robot’s method of relying on ‘hooking’ onto obstacles.
  • This whole new concept in climbing gives unparalleled stability and control whilst climbing.
  • Ditches, trenches and holes also present no problems as the articulating track modules easy broach such features in the terrain.
  • When inside restricted spaces such as aeroplanes and trains, you will need to manoeuvre easily, navigating twisting and narrow passageways.
  • The ability to fold in the articulating track modules allows ZEUS to become very short, allowing ZEUS to turn in a circle no more than its own length.
  • Additionally more height can be achieved by rotating the articulating track modules vertically downwards.
  • In all these environments, you may be carrying live weapons or risk triggering trip wires. Therefore the ability to proceed very slowly and carefully, without inducing jerking and shaking and within close range of suspicious items is essential. With ZEUS’ fine and precise control you can easily achieve this.
  • Difficult obstacles such as crossing railway tracks are again easily broached as the articulating track modules can be used to maximum effect adjusting ZEUS’ centre of gravity to carefully traverse in full control.
  • Track throwing, especially in hot weather, when traditional rubber tracks can stretch, is eliminated due to the aramid reinforced rubber. This makes it almost impossible for the track to expand and jump off the driving sprockets.
  • Different surfaces whether outdoors such as roads, paving, rutted tracks, grass and foliage or indoors such as tiles and carpets present no problems for ZEUS.
  • Even water features such as streams are easily dealt with due to ZEUS’ waterproof design.
  • The narrow width of ZEUS allows it to enter buildings and proceed along corridors, including aircraft and train aisles.
  • Culverts and tunnels do not present problems as ZEUS is also low, with flexible antennas which allows it to enter areas with restricted height.
  • If you need to move your ICP quickly during a deployment and don’t want to be restricted by a fixed point to operate your ZEUS’ dismounted control unit is the solution.
  • You as the driver can move around with the dismounted control unit system.
  • The modular control unit also allows for easy integration into vehicles or other fixed control points.
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