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Underwater and Maritime Operations

  • These kits are designed for EOD and high threat search teams working under or around areas with water.
  • With the increase in terrorist activity around the world, the areas in which terrorists target are ever expanding and one of these new threats is underwater, often in places that can be reached easily and inconspicuously using modern equipment. These areas include:
    • Cruise ships
    • Luxury yachts from VIPs
    • Bridges
    • Port facilities
    • Oil pipelines
    • Oil tankers
    • Dams
    • Drinking water reservoirs
  • The vulnerability of these potential targets and the fact that traditional methods of military mine clearance are not suitable means that it is important mitigation procedures, such as those for land based IEDs, are adapted for underwater use and that does not just mean making the equipment waterproof.
    The area of operations include:

    • aboard ship (interior and exterior), surface and sub-surface;
    • ports and harbours (vehicles, vessels and containers);
    • supporting waterfront infrastructure (wharfs, docks & quays

Maritime Hook and Line Kit

  • Under water hook and line techniques also need additional specialist tools such as:
    • Light sources that do not require external energy.
    • Additional weights, anchors and magnets for anchor points on loose ground, on ships and in Port facilities.
    • Compatibility with personal diving equipment.
    • Materials with high resistance to aggressive salt water.
    • Use of bright colours for easy identification of the tools in poor visibility.
  • The NIC Instruments Underwater Hook & Line kit is an extensive hook and line kit tool set that uses the latest techniques to assist in underwater search and manipulation.
  • It was designed and developed in conjunction with experienced underwater IEDD instructors and coupled with NIC Instruments extensive knowledge of Hook and Line a highly effective system has been created.
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