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Search Capability

Search consists of a number of procedures to locate items such as IEDs, weapons, drugs and any other type of contraband.

Each procedure will have defined set of tools and skills to fulfil that procedure such as search mirrors, metal detectors and dogs.

NIC Instruments has been manufacturing high threat search equipment since the 1970s and come to be recognised as a world leader in search equipment.

Counter terrorist high threat search involves findings the location of IEDs, weapons, terrorists and associated activities. If a suspect device is located, an EOD operator would then subsequently make the find safe.

Search also involves the searching of venues to ensure safety of the public, even when no intelligence of a threat has been received. The process of regularly searching venues acts as a deterrent to potential terrorists trying to target an area or event.

Specialist search equipment allows vehicle, buildings and other areas to be searched systematically, ensuring all voids and potential hiding places are identified.

Search Equipment
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