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Nuclear Capability

Nuclear decommissioning and the safe disposal of nuclear waste are today’s major challenges. With the increasing use of Nuclear power to reduce the world’s carbon footprint, the use of robotic platforms in Nuclear power plants offers a significant level of safety to operators.
Operating in nuclear power plants is made even more daunting by the extreme environments encountered especially in many older plants. These may contain radiological, chemical, thermal and other hazards, restricting access by humans and necessitating the use of robots to complete many jobs.

ZEUS is able to capture site data remotely and provide visibility in this very hazardous environment, and by carrying out remote monitoring tasks, problems can be detected early to minimise unplanned downtime by being your eyes and ears on the ground.


With the ZEUS UGV, a wide range of radiation detectors may be mounted and deployed remotely up to at least 500m, allowing operators to remain at a safe location.


By deploying multiple sensors (such as chemical) at the same time, a complete threat assessment can be made as all sensors and their corresponding data is brought into a single control system. This allows for real-time situational awareness, which is critical for risk assessment for operational decision making.


Not only can sensors be mounted and deployed remotely, but the sensor can be controlled, changing its settings and send real time data back to ZEUS’ Operator Control Unit (OCU). This allows operators to make rapid decisions, and even change the mission task mid mission, based on the changing task threat.


Sensor data may then be passed from ZEUS’ OCU (again, during the task in real time) to a separate command and control centre which is also being fed data from additional sensors such as wind speed data, and coupled with GPS and map data can be combined to form a complete threat analysis and hazard prediction. ‘What if’ type scenarios can be modelled and the corresponding threat analysed.


Over 50 different types of sensor can be mounted and controlled on ZEUS. Contact us for more details on your specific sensor application.

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