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Custom Hook & Line Kits

  • Are you looking for a Hook and Line system to meet your exact needs, but fed up with being offered ‘off the shelf kits’ with no opportunity to change the contents?
  • Are you fed up with paying high costs for equipment in ‘standard kits’ that your team will never use?
  • Are you fed up with cases full of equipment that are large and heavy to transport?
  • Are you simply fed up with no one listening to your needs?

Then NIC Instruments Ltd. has the solution for you.

  • NIC Instruments Ltd. builds Hook and Line kits to your requirements. By understanding the tasks you want to achieve, and the budget available to you, we will build a bespoke kit to exactly meet your specifications.
  • Your requirement may be a simple kit, for demining purposes; to be used by charity funded NGOs. No problem, we will build you a simple low cost kit.
  • Your requirement may be for a small lightweight rigging kit, to be carried by dismounted operators. No problem, we have a range of lightweight titanium hook and line tools, with a strong lightweight rope that can be transported in a small lightweight pouch.
  • Your requirement may be for advanced tools, able to penetrate vehicles and buildings. No problem, we have a range of specially designed tools that will meet your requirements.

NIC Instruments Ltd. offer a two stage process to put together your bespoke kit.

  • Firstly, you can select the tools you require. NIC Instruments Ltd. are able to assist in selecting the right tools, based on your requirements, or by the tasks that you wish to perform.
  • Don’t see a tool you need? Need a tool to work slightly differently? Talk to us about it. With our complete design & manufacturing capability, including mechanical, electronic and software design on site, we have extensive knowledge and experience in a wide range of areas, and can work with you from an initial concept, right through to project completion.
  • Secondly, we have a number of solutions to store and transport your hook and line system.
    • Rigid cases, with special foam cut-outs ensure equipment is stored safety and acts as an inventory check, with a specific slot for each tool.
    • Back pack option, that opens like a tool case, and accepts a range of small pouches in which equipment may be stored in an organised fashion.
      • The pouches are removable and can be moved between the main backpack, the backpack’s side pouches or rigid cases.
      • 2 styles of side pouch, which attach to the main pack, are also available.
      • The side pouches can be used as individual backpacks or bags on their own or joined together to form a second smaller backpack.
      • Follow the link for more information on the modular backpack system.
    • We also have a range of small individual pouches, such as thigh pouches, for really small and quickly deployed kits.
    • We are able to design a custom transportation system from scratch or select individual items to combine into the perfect system.

Some previous examples of bespoke solutions include:

  • A custom lightweight tactical Hook & Line kit for dismounted operations. This kit was designed in conjunction with the Operator’s requirements, and features ultralight rope reels, karabiners and snatch blocks. It is mounted inside a small custom designed pouch, which in turn fits inside a small rigid case.
  • A bespoke build EOD backpack, customised from our standard configuration, which allows the Operator to get as much capability as possible from their equipment budget.
  • A completely custom all-in-one Hook & Line kit, featuring standard and lightweight tools, as well as building and vehicle entry accessory tools, built to meet a specific Operator task list, and chosen after a successful series of extensive trials by the customer.

We Manufacture – Others Don’t

  • Unlike other suppliers of Hook and Line kits, NIC Instruments Ltd. specialises in the design and manufacture of Hook and Line systems, so you can be assured that the equipment meets the very high standards of reliability you expect.
  • NIC Instruments Ltd. is proud to design, manufacture & test all of our equipment in the UK, utilising the very latest in production techniques, and are globally recognised as not only the original manufacturer of the Hook & Line concept, but also as a world leader in C-IED systems.
  • NIC Instruments Ltd. is accredited ISO 9001 for the design and manufacture of explosive ordnance disposal and high risk search equipment.
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