Why Doesn’t My EOD Robot Work In The Rain?

Heavy rain, damp or very humid conditions should not stop your ability to use your EOD Robot. Zeus is fully waterproof and can cope with the most arduous and sustained wet conditions, including hosing down and even the use of a pressure washer.

You will need to clean your EOD Robot and be confident that the cleaning process will not cause any damage. Zeus’ ruggedised design allows cleaning with hot and cold low pressure water, steam, and detergents, without wear, deterioration, or damage.

Temperatures vary widely around the world, and you need to be sure that your EOD Robot will work when it’s very cold or very hot. Zeus’ ruggedised design has been independently tested for the extremes of temperature. You can be sure that these environments will not limit your mission.

Corrosion, often enhanced by extreme temperatures and heat must not be a restricting factor. Although an EOD Robot may be able to resist heat and water, over a period of time this can lead to corrosion. Zeus is manufactured from corrosion resistant materials and finishes including a chemical agent resisting paint coating (CARC), stainless steel and titanium, all materials highly resistant to long term corrosion including in salt laden atmospheres such as harbours and quays.

You may also need resistance to chemicals as well. Yet again, Zeus’ choice of paint finishes and materials offers maximum protection against chemical attack.

If you need to work in a potentially explosive gas environment, Zeus has an optional explosive gas detector. This will detect if Zeus has entered an explosive atmosphere and report a warning back to the operator.

The last thing you need to be worrying about on your mission is the weather. With ZEUS, you can be assured that won’t be a limiting factor.