The last thing you need when you buy an EOD robot is another firing system to get through your safety protocols.

You may already have an in-service proved, tested and evaluated firing systems but the introduction of a new EOD robot could bring yet another ‘unknown’ firing system into your service. This is not the case with Zeus. Zeus takes your existing firing system and simply clips it onto the robot.

Firing systems, due to their high levels of safety are extremely expensive, but using your existing system means you are not paying for that capability twice. Reduced training is an immediate benefit as your teams will not have to learn to use another firing system and yet another advantage is that should your firing system fail for any reason, you can simply unclip it and change it within seconds. Your robot is then back up and running, repaired by an operator in the field and not a technician in a workshop.

If you do not have an in service firing system already, of course there is the option to have one supplied with Zeus. Various options are available including 1, 2 & 4 channel systems for firing multiple tools. The firing systems supplied with Zeus are capable of firing tools either individually or simultaneously. Of course, they can also be unclipped in seconds and used as an independent firing system for your other non robot operations.

If your country of operation has specific laws governing firing systems, a system that already meets those laws can be supplied. In addition, reusable hard wire or single use wire firing cable system are available.