Zeus, the first EOD robot to have an Alford Charge Deployment System.

User filled charges such as the Alford system are an essential tool in the arsenal of Render Safe Procedures.

Placing charges with ZEUS is easy with the gripper, long and dextrous arm and multiple camera set up.

You need to deploy multiple Alford systems with a single robot approach and this can be achieved with the range of simple tools.

‘The Twin Pole’ will allow the deployment of a window breaker and water bottle charge in one approach. The double pole design maximises rigidity during deployment using low cost, easily replaceable house hold plastic pipe. ‘The Twin Pole’ can even be left on target with the mineral water bottle and the robot retracted to a safe distance. The DemiMod and MiniMod are also easily deployed with ‘The Twin Pole’.

MajorMod presents no problems due to Zeus’ strong arm, which simply places MajorMod using its own stand. No special tools, apart from a piece of rope are required.

BootBanger, a very heavy tool, also presents no problems for Zeus. Delivered on the robot chassis, held in a simple bracket, once on target, Zeus’ strong arm lifts and positions BootBanger into place.