Why Doesn’t My Disruptor Fit On My EOD Robot?

There are many different types of barrelled disruptors on the market which can make having all required mounting accessories impossible, not to mention the knowledge of their use. You might have different systems from different manufacturers and need to hold them all. You need to mount & dismount them quickly and this can take minutes, perhaps unacceptable on a time-critical mission.

With Zeus it is possible to fully prepare the disruptor prior to mounting, and then fit in seconds, just prior to the start of the mission. Zeus’ unique disruptor mounting system allows the claw to remain on the end of the arm. This maintains and maximises your capability.

You need to position and aim disruptors quickly and accurately. Zeus’ long and dexterous arm can reach up to 2m in height to fire disruptors horizontally, for example into airplane overhead lockers. Viewing both the potential target and the barrel of the disruptor is possible with the 5th camera that can be mounted onto the universal disruptor holder.

The disruptor can also be viewed through Zeus’ other cameras, including for example the pan tilt, to maximise your situational awareness.

Zeus also has the ability to visually display the mounted disruptor on the controller screen graphic. This helps the operator gain an understanding of how the mounted disruptor is orientated on the robot. A unique feature is the ‘blast back cylinder’ which shows the path of the discharged effluent from the rear of recoilless disruptors. This helps the operator ascertain whether that rearwards discharge presents a threat to either the surrounding environment or the UGV

Stand-off firing is recognised as one of the hardest tasks to achieve when firing a disruptor from a robot. Many systems try to use high powered lasers, but not only can these be hard to see on most terrains (especially outdoors) but can present a safety risk to the operator.

Zeus has a unique and patented stand-off system that uses twin cameras to aim. Accuracy of up to +/-5mm can be achieved over a 30m range without the use of lasers. No other robot on the market can achieve the consistency and accuracy of long-range stand-off that Zeus can.